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A Door Closes, a Window Opens

A Door Closes, a Window Opens

Today, a big change came around in my life and I experienced something I have never experienced before. Of course I had to celebrate and revert back to my youth. Red beetroot soup and thyme roast chicken, roast potatoes and peas.

Red beetroot soup... have you ever had any? It is delicious. Don't use raw beetroot for this recipe, get the vacuum packed ones. This is one of the fastest soups ever! And very simple.


  • a couple of beetroots
  • a red onion
  • one or two cloves of garlic
  • olive oil
  • chicken stock enough to cover the vegetables (I tend to add about a litre) and if you don't have chicken stock you can use a stock cube and water.
  • salt & pepper.



  • First chop the onions.They can be chopped roughly as they will be mixed later. The same goes for the garlic and the beetroot.
  • Brown the onion and garlic some little bit of olive oil, literally a teaspoon or two, and add the roughly chopped beetroot to it when the onion has softened.
  • When the beetroot has warmed through add the stock and let it boil softly so all the flavours can socialise ;)
  • When you feel the need, get out your blender and mix it all together so no chunks are left.

Serve with some cream and voilà, you have yourself a super tasty soup which has a wonderful colour and is super tasty... or did I already mention that? ;)

(Taking pictures without a lot of light is not great, so sorry for the poor image quality... any tips are welcome!)

Home-made tuna spread

Home-made tuna spread