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Ikea is a fantastic... foodstore?

Ikea is a fantastic... foodstore?

I won an invitation for a food workshop by Ikea. I was sent an e-mail last Sunday saying my presence was requested the next day at 19h at Les Filles - Plaisirs Culinaires in St Gilles. I did not know what to expect... but obviously I said yes!

Five dishes in one night.

I arrived and realised only after a few minutes that I was surrounded by Belgium's Culinary Blogosphere's Finest. Not only that, but the workshop was led by chef Kasper Kurdahl. And I had a blast! All dishes we made were salmon-based, except for the dessert of course, and not once did I have to endure a greasy grilled piece of salmon! Thank God. I can't think of anything worse on a plate than greasy grilled salmon.

Me, chef Kasper Kurdahl and the second winner, Alain.

Salmon in a tube?

The workshop was, officially, to promote and perhaps even introduce Ikea's food store. I don't understand why they needed to promote this, I always go to Ikea more for the food than for furniture (no shame). My personal favourite Ikea product is the Gravad Lax sauce which goes incredibly well and quite simply with a piece of smoked salmon on toast. However I also discovered salmon in a tube and I have nothing bad to say about the taste nor the culinairy possibilities salmon in a tube offers :)

Some of the products Ikea offers in its food store.

One of the most interesting ingredients of the evening were eggs. Surprised? These eggs were frozen for 24 hours and left to defrost on the table. After a while you can peel them, remove the egg white and you are left with the yolk which was served beside a salmon tartar mi-cuit. The egg yolk "cooked" in the freezer and you are left with a substance similar to soft jelly. Very tasty and incredibly original! 

The mi-cuit salmon tartare and frozen egg yolk.

Egg yolks cooked in the freezer!

One of the dishes we cooked was a piece of salmon marinated in salt and later cooked in the oven with orange and lemon zest for 11 minutes at 55°C. This was my favourite dish that night. Simple, elegant and wonderfully delicate. And I will definitely try out the green pea coulis as soon as I can!

"Salmon 55°"

Other dishes involved salmon parfait, smoked salmon spheres, parsley jelly, and chewing gum infused coulis... the amount of techniques used and learnt was impressive in only one night! I decided to get actively involved. I had to at least show people I could dress a plate! 

Me dressing plates... :)

Edible flowers, purple carrots, raw egg yolks that were no longer liquid... an evening filled with small culinary miracles as well as great company. 

It was a great event and I was rather annoyed that I didn't think to bring my Canon. All photographs in this post were taken by the Ikea representatives so kudos and thank you's to them! 

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