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Alicia Tries Out the Whitstable Oyster Company and Gets Out of the Kitchen

Alicia Tries Out the Whitstable Oyster Company and Gets Out of the Kitchen

So last week I went to Canterbury (UK).

"Why?" would be a good question to ask. Yes, it is a nice little town and yes the shopping is good, but if you only have 2 weeks worth of holidays you'd think I would have been more creative. But no, I went to Canterbury mainly because I was in the mood for some nostalgia. I lived in Canterbury for 6 years... well I just went to boarding school there for 6 years, but it is more or less like actually living there constantly.

And I missed it! So I went back. And brought back loads of food.

Obviously I love British food because I grew up on it and so I had no problem surviving a whole day on a full English breakfast and fish and chips.

On Monday morning, for a change of scenery, we went to Whitstable.

Whitstable is a small seaside village not very far away from Canterbury (about a 20 minute drive), and I was told to go have lunch at the Whitstable Oyster fishery Company.

Whitstable is a very charming village and if you're lucky enough for the weather to be nice, bring your swimsuit, because swimming is completely ok there ;)

I was so enthusiastic about the food, I took pictures to take home and show you guys.

I don't know how often you will find yourself in the surroundings of Canterbury or Whitstable, but it is sure worth going if you are!

Food, or better, seafood is very much part of this village. Whitstable is known for its oysters which are celebrated at the Whitstable Oyster Festival. Apparently I just missed it unfortunately, but that did not stop me from trying out these little sea(food) treasures.

The menu looked gorgeous, and if I had had enough time and less dinner plans for the rest of the time I was there, I would have come back to have a nice dinner here. 

The menu was a printed sheet headed with the day's date, which gives me reason to believe the menu would change here every day depending on the catch that morning. Yum!

The restaurant was divided in different "rooms" and each of them gave a different atmosphere. I was happy to be seated in one of the brightest rooms of the restaurant on a beautiful day as that one. The sun poured in, there was a nice sea view through the window and all we had to do was enjoy the seafood.

The staff were very friendly and did not find it too appalling that I kept taking pictures and most of all, it was completely okay do not do it the English way and share three starters with my man.

Because it was lunchtime we did not order large main courses but thought we could share three starters and try out all the good stuff. We picked some chargrilled razor clams (smothered in butter and garlic), dressed crab (because I love crab and I was betting on this crab being awesome) and of course, half a dozen Whitstable oysters.

And then the food arrived...

Chargrilled Razor Clams

Dressed Crab

The razor clams and crab were absolutely fantastic.

The clams were very tasty and prepared with fresh garlic. I am ashamed to say that I think this was my first time eating razor clams but I have always wanted to try them!

As for the crab, it was as delicious as I expected it to be. Period.

Whitstable Oysters

And the oysters! YUM!

I really am an oyster fan. I love it when my dad gets them for Christmas or New Year and opens them in his kitchen and we all crowd around, helping ourselves. Oysters mean good times and festivities to me. And having these oysters brought back all of these memories. Soppy, I know!

What I loved about these beautiful bits of seafood was that they were small. I will honestly eat any oyster, but I much prefer the smaller ones to the big ones.

And the Whitstable oysters were perfect (for me)!

Whitstable is a great little town and definitely worth a visit, especially if you are in the mood for some great seafood.

Me, enjoying Whitstable oysters! 

For more information on Whitstable and its events click here.
Want to find out more about the Whitstable Oyster Company? Click here!

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