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Florette Workshop: Cooking with Kale

Florette Workshop: Cooking with Kale

Kale has been all the rage in the USA last year and it is finally on its way to Belgium. I have already enjoyed making my own kale chips but Florette invited me for a workshop with recipes and more information about this vegetable.


Kale is a forgotten vegetable but these veggies are on their way back! It is a type of cabbage and has frizzy green leaves. The young leaves are good in a salad or lightly cooked. Use it as you would young spinach leaves. The older ones are great for kale chips but you can blanche them and cook them to mix in with your mashed potatoes or with a nice piece of meat.


Kale contains a high level of vitamin A which is good for your eyes, skin and immunity system. It also contains calcium which is good for your teeth and bones. Finally, kale also contains vitamin K which helps your bones to be more resistant and helps the body take in calcium.

The workshop consisted of a chef helping us prepare some recipes with us, which they conceived for the event. My favourite one was the marinated chicken "lunch box" recipe:


  • 100g mix of kale with other young salad leaves (Florette has a specific sachet for this)
  • 100g chicken breast
  • 1 lemon (untreated)
  • 30g of cashew nuts
  • 1tsp of balsamic vinegar
  • 1tsp of honey
  • 1tsp of soy sauce
  • 1tbsp of sesame seeds
  • a glug of olive oil
  • salt & pepper for seasoning
  • some sourdough bread



  • Pre-heat the oven at 160°C.
  • Marinade the chicken by mixing the balsamic vinegar, honey and soy sauce together. Cover the chicken in it and place aside for 5 minutes. When marinated, place the chicken in the oven for around 10 - 12 minutes. When it is done, slice the chicken thinly.
  • To make the salad: zest the lemon and juice it. Use the juice to make the dressing with olive oil and some salt. Decide for yourself on quantities, tasting all the while adding more lemon juice, salt or olive oil until the flavours are ok for you. If you are making this as a lunchbox, keep the dressing separately and add it to the salad last minute. Otherwise the lemon juice will "cook" the salad and it will become droopy. We don't want a droopy, sad salad :(
  • Roast the sesame seeds in a dry pan and cut up the cashew nuts with a knife. You can also heat up the cashew nuts in the pan with the seeds, I love roasted cashew.
  • Mix all these together.
  • Finally top the salad with the slices of chicken and dress with the lemon zest. Toast some of the sourdough in accompaniment.

Enjoy ;)

You can find more information here (FR) and here (NL) on Florette and its new kale products.

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