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A Lunch Pop-Eye Would Love: Iglo x Alex Joseph

A Lunch Pop-Eye Would Love: Iglo x Alex Joseph

Hi everyone!

May has been such a busy month for me! So much food I had to start running again since field hockey season ended 3 weeks ago. And I really hate running. Does anyone have any tips to help me start enjoying going for a jog?

One of the reasons I made myself suffer this week was because I had the most amazing lunch at Rouge Tomate.

Let me explain.

I was invited by Iglo to come have lunch at Alex Joseph's restaurant here in Brussels and he created a menu based on frozen spinach especially for the event. Saying it was surprising (in a good way) is the least I can say...

Obviously this would not have been a full-on food experience without creating one of the dishes ourselves under the supervision of the Rouge Tomate chef... No pressure! This was the tart which you can see in the photo on the left above.

My favourite? Hard to choose, but this one was on a definite top 3 - Spinach Gin Tonic? Whaaaaat?! Also yum... ;)

Everything we had was loaded with vitamins because chef Alex Joseph had created dishes around spinach. Pastry, fish, duck, drinks... nothing was left out and we were inspired by some amazing dishes and were showed that spinach is not just good with cream and garlic, but in many different shapes, forms and combinations.

The most insane dish was the dessert! One of chef Alex's sous-chefs mad this crazy beautiful and tasty dessert with spinach. An amazing reply to Iglo's challenge of making dishes with spinach in all of them. Just look at it!

So I want to thank Iglo and Rouge Tomate for the amazing welcome and inspirational lunch. It made me think of a wonderful little spinach dish I used to make with my mum which I hope to share with you soon on the blog!

Have a lovely day <3


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