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Carrefour x Peter De Clercq BBQ

Carrefour x Peter De Clercq BBQ

Hey everyone!

So how have your BBQ's been so far? Been doing plenty? Or not so much?

Personally I have been to one. I don't have a big garden or anything so I keep hoping people will invite me for these ;) But the weather hasn't been amazing over here so BBQ have not been on the menu a lot.

However, I was invited a while ago to the Carrefour BBQ organised by the awesome ladies of Walkie Talkie and the BBQ-ing was taken care of by Peter de Clercq who won the world championship of BBQ in 2003. So obviously i was psyched to go!

We were regaled with lovely amuses, most of the prepared on the BBQ: fish grilled on berk wood / gamba's from Madagascar grilled and smoked with rosemary accompanied by a mango chutney / trout with a sweet & sour salad and citrus / bruschetta trio.

We were treated to the most amazing setting at Villattitude, lucky it didn't rain! We were able to enjoy the wonderful garden and its bar and I absolutely loved it!


  • Brochette of salmon with a seasonal salad and raspberry vinaigrette
  • A Tomato carpaccio with fleur de sel and sesame oil
  • Poultry from Mechelen prepared Breughel-style, with a can of beer
  • Jacket Potato
  • Grilled Mediterranean vegetables
  • BBQ-ed cauliflower
  • Pineapple marinaded in mint and served with a sabayon of Oude Kriek (cherry beer)
  • Strawberries & cream

You know how BBQs can sometimes be super heavy? Well, this wasn't the case at all. I really enjoyed and did not feel completely stuffed afterwards. Everything was light and BBQing does not have to be monotonous and complicated. Chef Peter delivered an amazing menu which you could recreate almost completely at home. And as much as I love oven-roasted veggies, there is nothing better than a bunch of BBQ-ed veggies! 

Have you noticed the amazing work done by the Walkie Talkie girls? Their decoration and the atmosphere was super fun and so amazing! Loved it so much!

So... what is your favourite ingredient to grill or BBQ? I want to know! Personally I am super into aubergines on a BBQ, until they become creamy. Same for white boudin sausages... when the fire dies out, put them on and leave them there until the embers are no more. Yum!

Ciabatta, Tomato and Mushroom Oven Dish

Ciabatta, Tomato and Mushroom Oven Dish

Tasteology event with AEG

Tasteology event with AEG