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Brewed By Nature - A Pop-Up Restaurant

Brewed By Nature - A Pop-Up Restaurant

A couple of days ago I got lucky! Yup, uhu I am talking foodgasms! And there is a possibility for anyone to go get some as well until the end of October!

Let me explain...


Last week I was invited to "Brewed by Nature ", the pop-up restaurant headed by Rouge Tomate Brussels chef Alex Joseph. As a Belgian, I am a beer drinker... You kind of have to be. But I am not a beer expert. This initiative was created to make its guests more conscious about what beer is made of and how it is made, the different types of beer that exist and how we can pair them with different types of food. Chef Alex created a menu where every dish is linked with beer or an ingredient with which beer is made. Each dish is paired with a different beer and for the entire experience you pay around €50 (which is well more than worth it!)


The pop-up is situated in an UNESCO building with a view of the Grand Place of Brussels. Super romantic in the evening! Not only that but the decor is amazing. With pieces by the artist Ost, the atmosphere is magical. Getting hungry? You can reserve tickets online through Eventbrite, just check the bottom of the article ;)

You can enjoy a 5 course meal at Brewed by Nature until the 29th of October (closed on Sundays and Mondays) during lunch or dinner.

Oh, by the way! Every table will be taken from the dining room separately for a surprise taste experience in a secret room... Here's a preview ;)

Barley salad with marinated cucumber and basil infused oil

Barley risotto (or Barotto) with mushrooms, truffle oil and parmesan

Duck rubbed with lavender, sechuan pepper, cumin and honey

Scallop Tartare with a sheet of Leffe Royale beer jell-o


That barley is a superfood? It is the Western quinoa and the people at Brewed by Nature take this literally. You can easily cook with it and the pop-up restaurant shows us how easy it actually is. They also shine the light on a small village in Ethiopia; Bekoji, where barley is consumed regularly and it is known for having produced several Olympians... do you need more proof? ;) Find out more about the Bekoji youth here or at the pop-up!

ADDRESS: Rue au Beurre 40, 1000 Brussels

TICKETS & DATES: Eventbrite

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