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Brunch in Brussels: Eric Kayser

Brunch in Brussels: Eric Kayser

Brunch is life, you guys. To be honest it is one of those things you can pretty much only do during the weekend. If you're having brunch with either only one other person or a whole bunch of friends, it is always one of the best moments of the week.

I do have my specific little places in Brussels where I like having brunch such as Chyl or Peck, but this weekend I discovered Eric Kayser, or Maison Kayser. It is basically a very nice bakery where you can have breakfast or brunch on the spot. Which is what we did (I gracefully invited one of my friends who had to spend the day at Tomorrowland and this way I was sure she would have a decent meal before the party)!

Let's just make one thing very clear: I am NOT allergic to gluten. So I eat my fair share of bread, pasta and potatoes. And no, I don't gain weight when I eat gluten. And no, I don't lose weight when I cut them out. I try to balance everything correctly, play sports, remain as active as possible and don't exaggerate. I find that as long as you're not allergic to gluten that this is the most healthy way to eat. 

But yeah, I did let myself go this time :)

If there is a possibility to go for a full-monty breakfast, Eric Kayser is definitely the place to be. Croissants, pastries, french baguettes, perfectly boiled eggs... what else do you need really?

They also had us try some of their speciality bread: one with figs (omg!) and one with pimento. The latter one had an amazing colour. I liked it but you need to like a slightly more bitter bread.

But just look at what we were served:


The two of us couldn't finish everything so we got a nice doggy bag to take everything home. Not only that, but we als got a huge goodie bag with some amazing breads which I will be enjoying this coming week. For sure!

So thanks a b(r)unch, Eric Kayser! We had a great meal and the bread is amazing. 

To find the Eric Kayser bakery

Chaussée de Waterloo 656, 1050 Ixelles


PS: We did seem to annoy one of the clientèle because we were taking photos of our food, it seems, so if he reads this, my apologies sir <3 

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