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My Top Tips for Cat Owners

My Top Tips for Cat Owners

Hey everyone!

And now for something different. I have cats. Yes, I am a cat lady. I wanted to share with you some top tips on how to be a really really good cat owner.

I wanted to share with you an article about cats and my experience with them. I hope this is useful for some of you

As you may have seen in my Instagram stories, I own 3 cats. I love them very much and they are a part of my daily life because I work from home and am basically surrounded by cat hair the entire time.

They recently received a lovely gift from Albert Heijn each (!) and they were filled with yummy foodz for felinez! So thank you very much Appie, we (read: the cats) really love it! I also received some adorable cat toys from Flying Tiger which my cats obviously loved and we've been having a lot of fun with them since ^^

This inspired me to do a small blog post on my cats and how I take care of them so here are my top tips!

My Cats

My first cat that I owned all by my self is Louise. She is a Siamese crossed with god knows and the most clever thing in the world. She is very attached to me and tends to follow me around the apartment all the time. Louise was a cat my former roommate brought from home and she got so attached to me that in the end I took her along with me. Sh is currently 8 years old, 9 in September. Gosh time flies!

The second one is Poppy. Poppy is my scaredy-cat. She is a black cat who was found under the hood of a car as a kitten. When I took her in I had to feed her kitten milk in a tiny bottle, she was the most adorable thing ever. However, she has a huge lack of trust in strangers and only really is herself when she is alone with me. She is my baby, even though she is around 5 years old now.

My third cat is also a black cat; Sardien (yes, like the fish). She was found in the parking of my old hockey club and basically followed me home. I didn't want to take 3 cats at the time but because I couldn't find her a home she ended up being one of my three musketeers anyway. Another stray. She is very dominant but very adorable and pretty much the life of the party. I estimate she is about the same age as Poppy. The wonderful thing about her is that when I am sad she will come and cheer me up with kisses ^^

So yes, three cats is a crowd, but at least I NEVER feel lonely even though I live alone.



I generally feed my cats Hills dry food only (I buy it here) and I feed them about 50g each per day. I feed them at two separate moments of the day: morning and evening and should I forget to do so, not to worry, they will remind me! 

I am also a big fan of Lily's Kitchen which in Belgium you can get at Albert Heijn or via Amazon.

I do treat them with a small spoonful of wet food before bedtime which I kind of see as a treat before we all snuggle up and go to sleep. (Yes they sleep on the bed with me, it's a lifestyle!)

Now sometimes your cat needs to change food. This could be because the animal reacts badly to a certain brand or as it gets older it needs to switch to different types of food with different nourishing ingredients adapted to their needs. It is not healthy to switch all of a sudden though. So how do I tackle this? Very simply: I start mixing the old and the new food and increase the ratio. So you could start with 3:1 in the first week, 2:2 in the second week and so on until your cat has gotten used to the new food you want to feed it. 

This is better for their health and their digestive system will get used to the changes in the most gentle way possible. 


I do not give my cats milk. At all. When they are adult, it is not the best thing for them and I tend to stay away from the "cat milk" they sell in supermarkets. Cats are prone to bladder infections so it is very important that they have access to fresh water.

I don't know about yours, but mine are not a fan of water from a regular bowl. If that is all they have they constantly ask me to turn on a tap so they can drink. This leads to a lot of wasting of water so I found an excellent solution! The water fountain for cats! I have this one. It keeps the water running and fresh and no bacteria can settle in which is important as one of my cats is prone to bladder infections. I do still get requests in the bath for some running tapwater but generally this has reduced a lot and we're a happy family with a lower water bill once more.


Cats are very good at grooming themselves. They are born hairdressers and to be honest, sometimes Sardien has a go on my hair as well. I assume this just means she loves me <3 (or she thinks I'm having a bad hair day and sh*t needs to be fixed).

However, during shedding period I do give them regular brush time. I tend to use a shedding blade just like this one. Amazing how much hair you get out with this little thing!



Cats have enormous amounts of energy, even though you see them sleeping most of the time. My cats are lucky enough to be able to go outside, but if your cats are indoor cats, then I suggest you take some time off every day to keep them busy. Try using one of those toys on a stick like the one in the photo above or a simple laser pointer. That always works for mine ;)


Owning Cats

Cats are very independent animals but don't be fooled; they love themselves some human TLC. Make sure you take enough time off and give them some love and attention. I promise they will do the same for you!

If you have any additional questions about owning cats, I have 29 years of experience and will do my best to reply to all of your questions. However, if in doubt, contact your vet, they will surely be able to help you out! 

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