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Crodino Collaboration: an evening of vintage fun!

Crodino Collaboration: an evening of vintage fun!

Recently I got introduced to Crodino. An Italian drink that is generally served as an apéritif but it is non-alcoholic. This is something I can get into from time to time and especially on a Monday evening!

So I invited a couple of really great Brussels Bloggers: La Fille de 1973 also known as my lovely colleague Marie, Flexiflow or Florence: one of the most interesting (and funny!) people I know who also works in social media and Alice à Bruxelles, a gifted, adorable blogger who is also the mum of two very cute little girls.

We were a little bit sceptical at first because we didn't know Crodino and we were unable to imagine how it would taste. 


But we decided to try it out and Crodino had everything prepared for us so we could have a lovely evening reminiscing about "the old times" as well as the future. We had some great tunes that came from a Crossly vinyl disk player, cheese and cured meats and of course everything we need for a great glass of Crodino: orange slices and ice.


We had a great time! Obviously, as I am a food blogger, just an apéritif was not enough so I decided to make the evening extra Italian (just like Crodino  ) and I made a huge lasagna to share. 

This evening was heart-warming as well as tummy-filling. The music played made everything perfect (Aretha Franklin for some girl power and Marvin Gaye for some reminiscing), golden balloons gave us that vintage-y feeling like we were hanging out in the 70's for the night and the classic taste of Crodino which made our tastebuds travel to Italy and it's bitter-sweet oranges.

The evening was wonderful and there is nothing better to capture the atmosphere than some vintage-looking Instax photo's 😊 :

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 17.53.59.png

And here is an exclusive! I have a short video of the evening thanks to Louni!

Check it out and hopefully this inspires you to organise your own Italian evening 😊

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