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I served One Big Serving Platter

I served One Big Serving Platter

Some of you might know that I had a house warming a while ago. So I decided to share with you a highlight of that night. I decided for the first time in my life to create a food platter to serve with all my visitors.

I started the “event” at 4PM and it ended around 2AM and I honestly did not want to serve food to people all the time. So the easiest thing to do was for them to serve themselves.

To be honest I did make a late night macaroni dish for the hard-core party-goers as well as some speedy shrimp tacos that were gone in no time, but this platter lasted through most of the afternoon and gave me some time to chill and talk with my friends.


It is not easy to build one of these and to be honest it takes some planning and work but it is less daunting than it seems. So I had some help from Père Olive ingredient-wise. Keeping in mind the products that they have, this helped me to narrow down what I wanted to put on there. The different kinds of olives and dips also allowed me to add different flavours to the platter without me having to spend all morning cooking.

What I also loved about this is that is wasn’t like a cheese platter. So it wouldn’t be expensive to recreate (I like to spend money on nice cheese instead of piling on the Vache Qui Rit :D ) - I say wouldn’t, because Père Olive sponsored this platter entirely, but if I had to make it again, smaller budgets can take it :)

So what do you start with when building the platter?

Firstly I needed to have a look at the ingredients. I chose 3 types of olives to start with, 2 types of dips, 3 types of “dipping tools” and 4 garnishes. Also have a look at colours and choose a nice board that suits them.

Look for 2 spots that are perfect to pile on your dips. Choose two different types of dips for people with different tastes. I went for classic hummus and dried tomato hummus from Père Olive.

Then I surrounded those dips with the olives, but not completely. On the other sides I added the dipping tools like carrots and radishes as well as some of the tiny grissini from Père Olive and grapes.

Just. Pile. It. On.

… but not too much because you don’t want to overload it, obviously :)

Tiny tip: I loved cutting the radishes in half because the white interior is quite pretty and adds a fresh touch to the colour palate of the platter.

THEN - add the garnishes. I love adding some pomegranate for a pop of colour and sweetness. Crumbled feta is always a nice one, some raspberries and blueberries. I often choose fruit for this because it adds to the flavour range on the platter and mixes well with the other ingredients.

Père Olive also has products you can use as garnishes such as the delicious cheese-filled peppadew peppers. I also like to add some thyme for a touch of green.


So… will you give it a go at your next party? What will you add to yours?

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